We are a team of people who have been dealing with sex and gender differences in health care disciplines with the Gender Medicine approach for a long time.  Flavia Franconi, the person who brought Gender Medicine to Italy, is one of us. We have multidisciplinary expertise and skills in medicine, pharmacology, genetics, physical anthropology, psychology and sociology of gender, in research, clinical, training and dissemination. Some have participated in the European projects EUGIM, EUGENMED, GENCAD and GEAcademy and in the drafting of the Italian law (unique in Europe) on Gender Medicine (art.3,L.3/2018). 
We are people willing to open up to new stimulating networks, to concretely help the progress of gender vision and transformation in health organizations, science and clinics

Signani Fulvia

Psychologist and Health Sociologist

Psicologa e Sociologa della Salute

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Vice President

Franconi Flavia

Psychiatrist, former full professor of Pharmacology

Psichiatra, già professoressa ordinaria di Farmacologia

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Steering Committee Member

Peres Armando

Managing editor The Italian Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine

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Steering Committee Member

Ragni Pietro

Physicist. Director of the INBB InterUniversity Consortium

Fisico. Direttore del Consorzio Interuniversitario INBB

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Assembly Member

Bramanti Barbara

Physical and Molecular Anthropologist

Antropologa fisica e molecolare

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Assembly Member

Massimo Bianchi – Pisa



Assembly Member

Brinchi Marina

Psychologist Psychotherapist

Psicologa Psicoterapeuta

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Steering Committee Member – Treasurer  

Ceci Amelia

Training expert

Esperta di formazione

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Assembly Member

Conti Paola

Sociologist of Health

Sociologa della salute

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Assembly Member

Cori Liliana

Anthropologist, researcher, trainer and science divulgator

Antropologa, ricercatrice , formatrice e divulgatrice scientifica

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Assembly Member

Michele Rubini

Medical Geneticist

Specialista in Genetica Medica

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